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The workshops are tailor-made to suit a particular mix of students. The first few workshops are conducted based on the feedback the schoolgives us. Then we constantly analyze the progress and needs of the students and modify the workshops accordingly.

We are currently working with the following schools.

1. Swathi High School: The principal of the school, MrsPadmaja, said that their students do not understand English properly. This inability of theirs inhibits them from learning other subjects. So, we came up with a tailor-made workshop to address this. We help students, primarily, to understand things delivered in English. We also help them better their vocabulary and grammar.

2. ShivajiVidyapith: Here, the principal, Ms Thomas, said that the students did not understand maths. A lot of the students “mug” the sums up to get by. So she wanted us to build their mathematical concepts – the aim being to see each students understanding the sums and finding innovative ways to do them.

3. ShriVijayaBharathi High School: Here the school has given us a few so called “slow learners”. As per Ms Shirija, the principal of the school, these children are very good at other activities but somehow do not perform well in studies. Here we counsel the students and tell them the importance of education. By a lot of group activities and games we try to develop interest in education