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    I am Shankar studying in II class at Swathi High School. My father is a driver and my mother is an aaya in the school I study. They work really very hard to get our daily meal. They somehow manage to afford my studies, but I don’t know till when, but I love them a lot. We stay in a one room hut. My aim is to become a policeman. I am ready to do all I can but our socio-economic condition is posing a hurdle on my way to becoming a policeman who would eradicate crime from the country and make this country a better and safer place to live. Please help me in my studies so that I can play my part in making this country crime free.

                        MY DETAILS
B Shankar
Sex Male
School Swathi High School
Class II
Family Background


Mother: Ayaa

Ambition "I want to become a policeman and provide every possible happiness to my parents.
Requirement School Fees
Examination Fees
Text Books and Stationary (Note Books, pencils, sharpener, erasers)


Progress Card