Selection Criteria for Sponsorship


The selection criteria for the students to be eligible for our scholarship is their financial background and the academic potential of the student. We give primary emphasis to the financial background because we believe that the dropout rate is high primarily due to the financial constraints of the parents.


1. Identification

 In this step, our sponsorship team, along with the school authorities, idenitifies students who are potential dropouts due to their poor financial conditions.

2. Verification

Our verification team is sent to check the credentials of the selected students, and based on the their reports, further action is taken.

3. Portfolio

Our portfolio team prepares the portfolios for the students who are selected, put the portfolis on our website, and find sponsors for the students.


We look for sponsors based on the requirement. Whenever a student is taken up for sponsorship with us, we find sponsor(s) and tag them together. We are experiencing a  steady growth; the number of students we sponsor has been increasing over the years. We would love to do more, support more number of students, make a small difference in the society. As Mother Teresa says, 'if you cannot do great things, do small things with great love'!