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Name:           Riaz

Class:             XII

Sex:               Male

School:         Gautham Junior College, Mahabubabad

Ambition:     To become Engineer


Family Details:
Mother’s Occupation:     Small shop(Kiraana) at home
Father’s Occupation:       NA(currently ill). Earlier he was working as Gumastha(worker in a shop)
Siblings:                            One elder brother studying intermediate I year at Govt. Junior College, Mahabubabad

House type:                      Rented house

Address:                            Mahabubabad


Family Financial Details:

Income Sources:                      Mother's Occupation

Average Monthly Income:      Rs. 2000 


Why does she need sponsorship? Sankalp Foundation's comment.

Father Khaleel who was earlier working as Gumastha(worker in a shop), has fell sick with paralysis. Mother running a small shop at home who also takes care of her father. The income for the family is hardly sufficient for her husbands medical needs. They do not have any fixed assets and are struggling a lot to lead the life.

Riaz studying XII class who wants to complete his graduation and wants to help their family by working.

Gautham Jr College_Riaz_ProgressCard