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Student Details 
Name:           Thirupathi Padala

Class:             X

Sex:               Male

School:         Takshashila High School, Mahabubabad

Ambition:     To become Engineer


Family Details
Mother’s Occupation:     Daily wage labourer in agricultural fields
Father’s Occupation:       Daily wage labourer in agricultural fields
Siblings:                            One elder brother Veeranna(illiterate) and one elder sister Daragamma(illiterate) both are married and separated from the family in village Boddhugonda.

House type:                      Owned house in the village Bodhugonda

Address:                            Boddhugonda village located 17 kilometers from Mahabubabd


Family Financial Details

Income Sources:                      Mother's Occupation + Father's Occupation

Average Monthly Income:      Rs. 2500


Sankalp Foundation's comments on the Need for Sponsorship

Thrupathi's mother, who works as a daily labor in the village agricultural fields, is the only source of income for the entire family at Boddhugonda - who has to cater to the needs of Thirupathi and her grandchildren as her daughter Daragamma migrated to Hyderabad for work.

Thirupathi uses state transportation buses to commute the 17 kilometer distance between home and school.