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Student Details 
Name:           Bhaskar Lekkala

Class:             IX

Sex:               Male

School:         Takshashila High School, Mahabubabad

Ambition:     To become Engineer


Family Details
Mother’s Occupation:     Road side fruits cart(Bananas)
Father’s Occupation:       NA(Expired)
Siblings:                            One elder brother who is studying X class at Govt. Junior College, Mahabubabad.

House type:                      Rented

Address:                            Mahabubabad


Family Financial Details

Income Sources:                      Mother's Occupation

Average Monthly Income:      Rs. 2500


Sankalp Foundation's comments on the Need for Sponsorship

Bhaskar's mother Vijaya strives hard to lead the family and providing the education to her both sons. The income is hardly sufficient to the family and she struggles to pay the fees.

Bhaskar's father expired few years ago with illness.