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Name:           Thirumani Leena Ramyasri

Class:             VII

Sex:               Female

School:         Shivaji Vidhya Peeth, Jubilee Hills

Ambition:     To become Doctor


Family Details:
Mother’s Occupation:     House wife
Father’s Occupation:       Tailor
Siblings:                            One younger sister Jnana Varshasri who is studying Nursery in Stanley High School, Boraband

House type:                      Rented House in the slum Karmik Nagar

Address:                            Karmik Nagar, Borabanda, Hyderabad


Family Financial Details:

Income Sources:                      Father's Occupation

Average Monthly Income:      Rs. 4000 to Rs.6000


Why does she need sponsorship? Sankalp Foundation's comment.

Father Murali works as a tailor at one of the ready made dresses shop for any alteration works. He earns Rs. 4k to Rs. 6k depends on the season. They live in a very small hut kind of rented house for the rent of Rs. 1500. The income after spending for the basic needs, is very insufficient to pay the fees of both the daughters. So the family is struggling a lot to pay the fees.

More over Leena is very bright student in terms of her studies, spoken skills, games etc. and she always stands in the top 5 ranks of the class. She daily walks for approximately 4kms for going to the school since there's no buses available and they cannot afford auto fares.

We wish Leena all the very best for realizing her career aspirations.