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Name:           R Swathi

Class:             VII

Sex:               Female

School:         Shivaji Vidhya Peeth, Jubilee Hills

Ambition:     To become an engineer


Family Details:
Mother’s Occupation:     House maid
Father’s Occupation:       Auto Driver
Siblings:                            One elder brother R Sathish who is studying VIII class in Shivaji Vidhya Peeth

House type:                      out house where the mother is working as a maid

Address:                            Jubilee Hills


Family Financial Details:

Income Sources:                      Father's Occupation(Rs. 7k) + Mother's Occupation(Rs. 1500)

Average Monthly Income:      Rs. 8500 


Why does she need sponsorship? Sankalp Foundation's comment.

Profile is rejected by the verification team since the income is sufficient to send the children to school.