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Name:           M Srilatha

Class:             VIII

Sex:               Female

School:         Shivaji Vidhya Peeth, Jubilee Hills

Ambition:     To become Engineer


Family Details:
Mother’s Occupation:     House wife
Father’s Occupation:       Runs a chat bhandar
Siblings:                            Two younger brothers Mani Kumar and Sai Kumar who are studying IV and II class in Shivaji Vidhya Peeth

House type:                      Rented house in a slum whose rent is Rs. 3k

Address:                            Hylam Colony, Venkatagiri, Hyderabad


Family Financial Details:

Income Sources:                      Chat Bhandar

Average Monthly Income:      Rs. 6000 


Why does she need sponsorship? Sankalp Foundation's comment.

Srilatha is obedient student and is very meritorious. She always tops the class with 1st or 2nd ranks.
The family is originally from Narayan Khed, Medak dist. migrated to Hyderabad few year back as their lands are not furtile. Her mother Laxmi is house wife and also arranges the material needed for the chat bhandar. Her father Vittal runs the chatbhandar near Jubilee Hills. The family earns around 5-6k per month. The income is hardly suffient to spend for basic amenities including rent and for sending three children to the school.
The sponsorship is required for Srilatha's school fee while the parents bear the fee of the other two younger children. 
Please help Srilatha to achieve her goals.

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