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Name:           M Anitha

Class:             VI

Sex:               Female

School:         Shivaji Vidhya Peeth, Jubilee Hills

Ambition:     To become Engineer


Family Details:
Mother’s Occupation:     House maid
Father’s Occupation:       NA (Expired)
Siblings:                            One elder brother Bheem Shankar who is studying VI class in Shivaji Vidhya Peeth

House type:                      Road side hut

Address:                            Mastan Nagar, Hyderabad


Family Financial Details:

Income Sources:                      Mother's Occupation

Average Monthly Income:      Rs. 2000 


Why does she need sponsorship? Sankalp Foundation's comment.

Father committed suicide(incident happened in January 2012). Mother(Ashamma) is house maid and earns around 2000/-. They live in a hut on road side on way to Ambedkar university.
This low income is insufficient for the family to survive and Mother would like to stop sending her children to school. Infact she is planning to send them to some work. More over Anitha is a very meritorious student and has the potential to achieve her ambitions.
Please help Anitha to achieve her goals.

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