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Name:           Sonar Priyanka

Class:             IV

Sex:               Female

School:         Shivaji Vidhya Peeth, Jubilee Hills

Ambition:     To become Doctor


Family Details
Mother’s Occupation:     Slimming therapist in VLCC
Father’s Occupation:       Auto Driver (Auto is rented)
Siblings:                            One younger brother, Abhishek, who is studying 2nd class in Shivaji Vidhya Peeth

House type:                      Rented; rent is Rs. 2,500

Address:                            Borabanda, Hyderabad (Landmark: Near Substation, Mary Maatha Church)


Family Financial Details

Income Sources:                      Father + Mother

Average Monthly Income:     Rs. 5,000 + Rs. 4,000 = Rs. 9,000


Why does she need sponsorship?

Priyanka is a very obedient student and meritorious one too. She tops the class with 1st or 2nd ranks in all the exams. She graded A+ in her previous academic year (3rd class).
Originally hailing from the area near the borders of Andhra Pradesh (Thandoor) and Karnataka (Beedar), Priyanka's parents came to Hyderabad in search of work around 8 years ago. Her father met with an accident few months ago (fell from the balcony because of a too low support wall) and suffered broken bones in the leg. He recovered and started working only very recently. Her mother works in VLCC as a slimming therapist.

The income earned by the family goes in meeting basic amenities like rent and food. Some amount is also being paid for the expenses incurred during the medical treatment of her father.

Considering various factors as mentioned above, Sankalp Foundation decided to support Priyanka's education while the family pays for the school fee of her younger brother. Note that the sponsorship is for paying the school fee. Please support Priyanka continue the education and achieve her goals.


Progress Card