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Name:           Boye Kavali Ramanujamma

Class:             Intermediate I year - MPC

Sex:               Female

School:         Shraddha Jr. College, Mahaboobnagar

Ambition:     To become Engineer


Family Details:
Mother’s Occupation:     NA (Expired)
Father’s Occupation:       Does not look after the family
Siblings:                            2 Elder Brothers and 2 Elder Sisters

House type:                      2 Small Huts - Own

Address:                            Basavaayipalle, Mahaboobnagar dist.


Family Financial Details:

Income Sources:                      -

Average Monthly Income:     -


Why does she need sponsorship?

Ramanujamma is hard working and down-to-earth student. Since her mother expired and her father does not look after the family, she is being looked after by the elder brothers. The brothers have their own small kids to look after as well. There are two small huts where she used to stay with the brothers and brothers' families.

She scored 8.2 in Class X. Though it was not very high score compared to 9+ that the students have been getting these days, it is a good score considering the situations that she had been in. The high school principal also gave a very positive feedback about her commitment. Though she is not in the toppers list, she could reach there with a push - which is what Sankalp Foundation is trying to provide.

Due to financial constraints, she was admitted to an Intermediate college nearby (~4 Km) to her village for two reasons: one is that the college fee is less and second is that it is not so far from her home. However, the college does not teach well - which is a very big problem given the juncture (Intermediate) she is currently at in her life. When she was personally visited by the Sankalp Foundation team, the team had to wait for her to come back from the college and it turned out that she walks back home most of the days.

Given that she does not have parents to look after her and the minimal support she gets from her brothers, she needs support - especially given the fact that she is hardworking and committed. And, that is precisely why Sankalp Foundation has decided to support Ramanujamma. 

Taking all the above factors into consideration, she is admitted to Shraddha Junior College and Hostel in Mahaboobnagar town. This college is one of the better colleges in the area. The ideals on which this college was built are also inline with what Sankalp Foundation believes in - to support those in need. As such, the college has also come forward to express their solidarity and support in terms of offering concession in the student fees.