The sponsorship team of Sankalp Foundation finds the needy students and creates profile for each of them. The profile contains the family background, goals, and the progress card of the student.

We encourage you to know more about the student by visiting the profiles of the students and choose the students. If you would like to know more about the student, please write to us. We can also arrange pre-sponsor meeting with the student and parents for more understanding of the student background.

For more information about how a student is selected under sponsorship program, check the selection criteria.

The following students are screened for the sponsorship program and we are currently looking for sponsors.
The fee of a student may vary based on their class and the school/college where they are studying.

PLEASE NOTE: The fee mentioned against each student in the following table is the total required sponsorship amount. However, we encourage you to freely choose any student irrespective of your contribution.

Needy Students