Sankalp Foundation Kolkata   












 After more than two months of groundwork by like minded software professionals, Sankalp Foundation- Kolkata chapter has started its operations  in January 2009.It’s philosophy aligns with that of other chapters of Sankalp Foundation. The Kolkata members are dedicated to work towards the betterment of the society. All activities undertaken are done on voluntary basis.

Our volunteers ( most of whom work in different organizations or are students and work for our NGO ) are involved with various activities like teaching , workshops etc. All the courses taught are first conducted for a few weeks on the basis of the feedback the particular school provides and later after analyzing the students’ progress and needs, classes are customized to maximize the benefit for the students. We are also in constant talk with other institutions and even foreign nationals. We are constantly innovating ways and working towards the betterment of our society in every way we can.



Sankalp at Work