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  HI , my name is Hemanth , I am studying in swathi high school in class V , my parents have really worked hard for my existence in the society, unfortunately I don’t know till when they  can support my education, I want to achieve lot in life through my education, i require your help in doing so. Pls help me. 

                            MY DETAILS



Sex Male
School Swathi High School
Class V
Family Background

Father: Expired

Mother: House Maid

Ambition “I want to become a engineer and give my parents all happiness of the world” I want to cure all the diseases of the world
Requirement School Fees
Examination Fees
Text Books and Stationary (Note Books, pencils, sharpener, erasers)

The interested donors can contribute anything as par their choice from the requirement list, to keep the things transparent, we would encourage you to contribute in kind rather then in cash

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