Name:           P Pranay

Class:             Diploma in Mechanical I year

Sex:               Male

School:         Polytechnic College, Karepalli, Khammam dist., (Previous: Ekashila High School, Mahabubabad)

Ambition:     To become Engineer


Family Details
Father’s Occupation:       NA (Prev: Auto Driver)
Mother’s Occupation:     NA (Expired)
Siblings:                            One Younger brother Vinay studying in VIII class.

House Type:                      Staying with his grandmother, aunt under their guardianship

Address:                            Near Ekashila High School, Mahabubabad, Warangal District


Family Financial Details

Income Sources:                      NA 

Average Monthly Income:     -


Why does he need sponsorship?

Pranay lost his mother during the childhood and is being looked after by his father. He is dependent on what the father earns by driving the auto around, which is not sufficient enough for the family to eat properly even. He stays in a small hut with just one room. About an year ago, his father fell sick and was joined in a hospital. His father is missing since then, the children has no update about his father. Now, Pranay and his younger brother Vinay are staying with their grandmother and aunt.

In 2013, Pranay joined in Polytechnic college Karepalli, Khammam dist. into Mechanical group. Now he's staying at his aunt's(Mother's sister) at Karepalli.

Though his circumstances and situation are very difficult, he tries to overcome those difficulties and studies with determination. His ambition is to become an engineer in life. He also yearns to help other poor students when he grows up so that they do not suffer like what he is going through.

Sankalp Foundation requests you to come forward and assist Pranay so that he can complete the schooling.


How much is the sponsorship amount and what does it cover?

He is now studying with the Govt. Scholarship