Name: Archana

Class: X

Counsellors involved: Anitha , Chaithanya 



1) What was the reason for her dropout ?
Anitha: She is scared of getting failed in exams. 

Chaithanya: One more imp thing is that, from the discussion with Archana and her mother, the teacher who was teaching her discouraged her a lot that even if u write the exams, u will fail. That is the reason, she is very much scared of failure
2) Did you face any difficulty in pursuing parents ?

Anitha : Her parents were not there when I went to meet her. Chaitanya might have met. I think her parents want her to go back to school.
Chaithanya : Her mother and even father wants her to pursue higher education, and they are much worried bcoz she dropped out of school


3) What do you think is the major issue highlighted from this episode ? 
Anitha:  Major issue here is her own mind set. She was telling she is forgetting everything even though she studied well. She is scared of writing exams and getting failed. And she was also saying that teachers are not teaching properly. She has to go to tutions it seems. 

Chaithanya: As i said earlier, the main cause was the discouragement from the teacher and it should not happen.