Student:                  Mary

  Class:                     VII

  Counsellor Involved:    Saurabh Bhardwaj


Experience of Saurabh captured through questionaire.


1) What is the background of Mary ?

Saurabh: Mary is from a poor background , her mother is a maid and her father works as a mechanic. She has completed her class VI.


2) What was the primariy reason for her dropout ?

Saurabh: I guess complanceny from the parents and the belief that education will not serve any long term purpose. The parents believed that it was better for her to go to a vocational school as compared to a regular one.


3) Did you face any difficulty in pursuing the parents?

Saurabh: Yes, parents were adamant about not sending their wards. I had to take the help of the school authorities in pursuing them to change their minds. I must say the principal of the school was very cooperative in handling the situation


4) What can you conclude from this episode?

Saurabh: People from the lower strata still have the similar atitude as 50 years back. We need to reach out to these people if we need to make some changes in the society. Since we are plagued by the dogma of "girl child" staying at home. There has to be extensive counselling for these people to eradicate this menace.