About Sponsorships Program

In this program we maintain 100% transparency to the sponsor by providing the receipts to the sponsor and arranging the one-to-one regular meetings with the students and the parents/guardians. This program works with identifying the students who are at the verge of dropout and publishing their family background, academic progress cards, needs etc in the website under the "sponsor a student" page. The main intention of this process is to provide the flexibility to the sponsor in understanding the student more before actually choosing for the sponsorship.

The sponsorship program associates the sponsor(s) with the student as a parent/guardian and friend. This not only ensures that the academic school fee is paid but also helps the sponsor to monitor progress of the student in both academics as well as career. Sankalp Foundation encourages the sponsor to meet the student regularly and provide guidance by understanding the student as a friend and encourage the student to improvise in academics.

The sponsorship program also arranges the parent-sponsor meeting in the presence of the student and the teachers at least twice in a year. In these meetings sponsor is allowed to talk to student and the parents, understand the problems of the student, and motivate them in accomplishing their dreams. Sponsor can also request the corresponding teacher for special focus on the subject doubts if he/she is lagging in particular subject.

In addition to the above activities, the Sponsorship Team of Sankalp Foundation regularly collects the marks of the student and presents in the website and the same is conveyed to the sponsor over an email along with the links to the student’s progress card. This helps sponsors in monitoring progress of the student, especially for those sponsors who are living in other cities and cannot meet the student.