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    Welcome to Huzhou Xinchun Silk Co., Ltd. !


    Huzhou Xinchun Silk Co., Ltd.  is located in the city of Huzhou which is China’s important producing area and exporting base of silk. The company is close to the National Highway 104 of Shijiaqiao of Nanmen Wai in Huzhou city, Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway and Huzhou-Jiaxing Expressway, enjoying superior location and easy accessibility. At the same time, we are only 3,000 meters away from the South exit of Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, and take only 26 minutes' driving to the high speed railway station of Huzhou. Moreover, you can get to our company by buses of 301 and 303, etc.

    Our main products are all Real silk fabric (crepe de Chine, fancy crepe georgette, georgette, crepe satin plain and habotai, etc), Real silk cotton interwoven fabric (silk/cotton spinning, silk/cotton satin, etc) and Real silk hemp interwoven fabric, etc.; In addition to real silk fabric, our company also develop and produce Viscose fabrics such as all Viscose fabrics and all kinds of Viscose interwoven fabrics. Our company boasts top-notch technicians and is armed with advanced equipments such as K251P silk looms, double twist frames, non-twisting machines, warp machines, weft machines and GD145 silk winding machines etc. Now, we can annually developed hundreds of new products; at the same time, we also produce new products according to the fashion trend of market and customers' demands.

    Backed by experienced development team, leading technologies and advanced equipments, as well as following market demands, we keep developing new products which, with reliable quality, timely delivery and excellent reputation, have been widely and well received by customers from home and abroad! With the experiences of decodes of business in this industry, we built new factory and purchased new apparatus in 2007. At the moment of doom situation of textile industry, we continue to optimize management system, hire the first-class technical staffs and leading machineries for getting long-term and sustainable development. Keeping paces with times, we are going to welcome future with booming and brand-new style.

    Huzhou City Xinchun Silk Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes the visit and business of all friends for mutual cooperation and common development!

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